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Ask any golfer, and they will tell you their favorite course. While some prefer to golf on a private course where non-members are not allowed, the rest prefer a public course where anyone can play. While the greens fees may be higher, some of the best public golf courses have been used for PGA events. 

Pebble Beach – California

Pebble Beach has been one of the top golf courses in California for the last decade. It’s the ultimate round of golf for anyone looking to play a round of golf along the coast. Pebble’s sixth through eight holes are nestled over an ocean cove atop a 75-foot-high bluff. The course is also a mainstay on the PGA Tour and hosted the U.S. Amateur in 2018. One of the only drawbacks of the course is the poa-annua greens, which often play bumpy in the morning or late afternoon after many golf rounds. 

Shadow Creek – Nevada

In 2018, Shadow Creek hosted the showdown between Phil Mickelson and Tiger Woods and showcased the beautiful course. The course is also known as one of the most expensive courses ever built in the U.S. and cost a reported $47 million at the time. Shadow Creek features lots of waterfalls and over-the-top course features, but it also makes you feel like you’re located right in the middle of Georgia for a round. 

Spyglass Hill – California

Located just 17 miles up the road from Pebble Beach, Spyglass Hill rivals courses like Pine Valley and Augusta National. The first five holes of the course give golfers a brief encounter with the Pacific seacoast, while the remaining holes are a hike through the majestic Monterey pines. Spyglass Hill is a must-play for any true golfer and gives the experience of two different courses. 

Paako Ridge – New Mexico

Known as one of the most affordable golf rounds, Paako Ridge is located at 6,500 feet above sea level. While the ball travels further, the course also plays long because of the front and back nine work up the foothills before heading back down. The par four 17th hole sits atop a butte and gives golfers one of the best views of New Mexico. 

Shinnecock Hills – New York

Founded in 1891, Shinnecock Hills is the oldest incorporated golf club in the U.S. Known for being a bit tough. Still, ultimately a fair course to play is what makes Shinnecock a favorite amongst the golf community.