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Any other sport cannot match the passion on display during a college football game. While every game is guaranteed to be a good time, a great stadium can vastly enhance the entire experience. There is just nothing quite like hearing more than 100,000 crazy fans react when the home team makes a great play. These are the four best college football stadiums in the sport right now.

Michigan Stadium

Michigan Stadium has been the home of the Michigan Wolverines in Ann Arbor since 1927. The stadium has undone several renovations over the years to make it the largest stadium in college football. With the ability to hold more than 115,000 fans, Michigan Stadium truly earns its nickname as “The Big House.” A large portion of Michigan Stadium was built underground, which helps trap in the noise created by the passionate fans.

Tiger Stadium

Tiger Stadium has been the home of the LSU Tigers in Baton Rouge since 1924. With an official seating capacity of more than 102,000 fans, it is easy to see why Tiger Stadium is considered one of the most challenging places to play for a road team. The rowdy LSU fans have an uncanny ability to create more noise than the larger stadiums in the sport. This has helped Tiger Stadium routinely set noise records.

Notre Dame Stadium

While it may not be anywhere close to the biggest stadium in college football, there is not a single stadium in the sport more iconic than Notre Dame Stadium. It has been the home of the Notre Dame Fighting Irish since its construction in 1930. The official capacity of Notre Dame Stadium is currently just over 77,000 fans. Stepping inside of the stadium makes you feel like you have gone back in time. This is why it is consistently one of the hardest tickets to get in college football.

Ohio Stadium

The Ohio State Buckeyes have been playing their home games at Ohio Stadium in Columbus since 1922. This makes it one of the oldest stadiums in college football. Despite its old age, Ohio Stadium can still hold just under 103,000 fans. The horseshoe design of the stadium helps trap all of the noise created by the large crowd, which creates a crazy atmosphere.