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Living in South Carolina puts residents close to many destinations that make for excellent day trips. Each one has something new to offer without people having to travel far from home to experience it.


Among the best day trips for South Carolina locals in Beaufort. Port Royal Island’s most beloved city, Beaufort, boasts landmarks and mansions that date back to the era of Antebellum. One of the landmarks locals and tourists visit often is the John Mark Verdier House Museum. The museum reflects Federal architecture from the 19th century. The city is also popular for its fishing towns, where people are known to catch tarpon, redfish, and trout. But visitors also come for the city’s many art galleries and the yearly President’s Day weekend event, the Beaufort International Film Festival.


Bluffton is another town that locals can explore in a day. Located close to Hilton Head, the town boasts huge oak trees, along with the May River, where many people go kayaking and fishing. Other attractions include historic office buildings and residences, also in the Antebellum style architecture. Downtown Bluffton boasts a bustling scene that includes boutiques, art galleries, and local restaurants.

Edisto Island

Only 40 minutes from Charleston by car, Edisto Island also makes for a popular day trip destination. Aside from its beach, the island is known for attractions, including the Edisto Island National Scenic Byway, the island’s official Serpentarium, and the Botany Bay Plantation. Visitors who enjoy spending time outdoors often come to the island to go on a fishing charter excursion or ride its many bike trails.

Angel Oak Park

Closer to Charleston is Angel Oak Park. Its signature Angel Oak tree is among the area’s oldest, at an estimated 400 years old. At 66.5 feet tall, the tree’s shade stretches for 17,000 feet. The Live Oak Society even recognizes this historically significant tree.

Bee City

For those who don’t shy away from bees, another choice for a day trip is Bee City. This interactive zoo and bee farm is family-run and gives visitors a chance to see how the bees live their lives. Bee City also has a children’s petting zoo, which includes animals like llamas, wallabies, alpacas, and ringtail lemurs. Other animal residents of the petting zoo include goats and turkeys.