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Whether you’re an avid golfer or you’ve barely picked up a club in your life, you can always stand to improve your golf game. Here are just a few tips that should help.

Practice Often

The most important thing you can do when trying to improve your golf game is to keep practicing. If you can, try to do something golf-related every day. This doesn’t mean playing a full 18 holes, but there are other things you can do. You can swing at plastic practice balls in your backyard, practice on a putting green, or go to a driving range. If nothing else, it keeps your mind on the game, so your skills don’t get rusty.

Get Fitted

When it comes to golf clubs, one size certainly does not fit all. If you have the opportunity to do so, speak to a professional club fitter to find out how long your clubs should be. You’d be surprised at how much this improves your game.

Practice Your Short Game

Many golfers put most of their emphasis on their drives, but that’s only part of their game. If you want to lower your scores, practice pitching and putting. After all, you can’t assume that you’ll make it to the green on your first shot every time.

Experiment With Different Swings

Many novice golfers think they only need one kind of swing and that they should be hitting the ball the same way whether they’re teeing off or hitting out of the rough. In reality, golf courses have different lies and layouts, and a swing that might be great off the tee will have you chopping away once your ball goes into a sand trap or near a tree. Practice hitting the ball from different lies and different environments if you want to be ready for your next game.

Stop Aiming for the Pin

The tendency to aim for the pin is understandable, but you should focus on just getting onto the green instead. That should be your goal on every hole.

Don’t Give Up

As fun and relaxing as golf can be, it can also be frustrating when things don’t go your way. As long as you keep playing, you’ll keep improving, so don’t give up. Your game will get better with practice.